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ILA Trading Company
ILA Trading Company

Wires And Cables

We provide a very wide range of wires and cables Ranging from: -

1. ISI approved House wire Multi- strand Flexible cables in FR, FRLS, HRLF and ZHFR.
2. Submersible cables, 3 core super Flat cables Submersible cables and XLPE flat submersible cables.
3. Flexible cables from single core to 24 cores.
4. Elevator Flat Cables 0.5- 2.5 and from 4 core- 16 core.
5. Welding cables.
6. UV stabilized Solar wires and cables.
7. Braided Cables.
8. Shielded cables.
9. Instrumentation cables.
10. Telephone (switchboard) cables flexible and armored.
11. CCTV Cables.
12. LAN cables.
13. Control Cables armored and unarmored.
14. Power cables Aluminium armored and unarmored.
15. Service Cables
16. 1 core and 3 core HT copper/aluminium Cables.

ISI approved House Wire


ISI approved House Wire
Approx. Rs 60 / Meter
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Ultracab is a reputed name of wires and cables from years. With a vast experience of more than 13 years now we have also build a strong reputation and a reliable name in manufacturing, supplying and exporting house wires and building wires. Being in this industry from long time we understand what does buildings and house wires tend to be. Till now cables and wires were chose seeing their performance and reliability but now the major consideration is also for flame retardant or low smoke cables. 

Fire hazards have forced cable manufacturers and users to opt for house wires and building wires to have flame protection and create low smokes too. We manufacture house wires and building wires that are totally safe to use in diverse applications including power stations and other areas where cables form horizontal and vertical trays. Ultracab is the most reliable source for such cables and wires and our quality commits to have elements and properties required to be flame retardant. They fit under following criteria: 

  • Strictly Flame Retardant
  • Low Smoke Emission
  • Low Toxic Emission

Absolutely safe for human health and passed under strictest quality and testing. These cables and wires are manufactured taking minute concerns and involve high usage of various and best quality of polymers, composites and elastomers.
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Flat Cable For Submersible Pumps


Flat Cable For Submersible Pumps
Approx. Rs 150 / Meter
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“ULTRACAB” is the leading manufacturer of Submersible pump cables, round submersible cables and Flat cables. ULTRACAB is the fastest growing company in cable industry. “ULTRACAB” 3 core flat cables have been specifically designed for submersible pump motors. The manufacturing process of submersible pump cables and round submersible cables is done keeping in mind tough and difficult conditions in which they have to operate or perform. These cables confirm to ISI and are mark IS:694:1990. 

Ultracab manufactures these submersible pump cables that are totally specialized in the state-of-the art manufacturing facilities. Every minute details and specifications from raw material to final packaging is given utmost importance. Submersible pumps are used at various areas including deep wells, here our cables are the most reliable source and can be successfully installed in any physically restrictive, hostile environment and any complex factors. We design submersible and round submersible cables in a manner that user can snatch highest potential from them and also obtain maximum degree of safety along with it. Additionally our cables are more durable, best performing, and resistant to moisture, grease, and abrasion along with best properties required. 

Detailed description of Submersible pump cable and round submersible cables: 

Conductors: The conductors are drawn from bright electrolytic grade copper annealed and bunched together & have 99.97% Purity.

Insulation: Bunched conductors are insulated with specially formulated PVC compound having high insulation resistance values.

Sheathng: 3 Core are in parallel position and sheathed with a special grade of PVC Compound which is impervious to water, grease, oil etc.

Ultracab Submersible Flat Cable (As Per IS : 694 : 1990)

Application: Ideal For Irrigation Pumps, Drinking Water Supply Pumps, Offshore Drilling Rings, Firefighting Equipment, Sewage Treatment Plants, Sea Water Handling Equipments

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Power Control Cables


Power Control Cables
Approx. Rs 150 / Meter
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Ultra Cab is top pioneer among power cable exporters and manufacturers offering widest variety of cables including power cables, XLPE cables, and pvc cables. Our supreme product range can be used by different industries and applied to distinct applications like refineries, power plants, switching stations, cable trays, chemical plants, and more.


Conductors: Conductors are made from electrolytic grade aluminium/copper conforming to IS:8130, and are compact circular or compact shaped. 

Insulation: XLPE cables are specially made high grade cross-linked polyethylene for insulation by extrusion process. In PVC Cables especially PVC grade is used by extrusion process.

Inner Sheath: PVC/LD Tape is used for Laid Up of Core. 

Armouring: Wire Or Flat Strip is used of Galvanised Grade. 

Outer Sheath: PVC Sheath, Special ST2 Grade is used for XLPE Cable & ST1 Grade is used for PVC Cable. 


·         A Non-hygroscopic Insulation Almost Unaffected By Moisture.

·         Non Migration of Compound Permitting Vertical Installation.

·         Complete Protection Against Most Forms of Electrolytic and Chemical Corrosion.

·         A Tough and Resilient Sheath With Excellent Fire-resisting Qualities.

·         Good Ageing Characteristics.

·         Not Affected by Vibration.


·         These cables have higher short circuit rating

·         Higher emergency over load capacity

·         Longer life

·         Tensile strength for LT-XLPE cable is 1.9 kg/mm2

·         Elongation (%) in LT-XLPE cables is 300-500%.

·         High corrosion resistance in polluted atmosphere

·         Better properties of resistance to chemical and corrosive gases

·         Have better properties to withstand vibrations, hot impacts

·         The moisture resistance of LT-XLPE cables is nearly 100 times than of PVC

·         Low installation cost because of lightweight dimension

·         Insulation resistance of these cables are ideal for transmission and distribution of power.

·         Jointing of LT-XLPE cables is easier and quicker

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Flexible Cables Single Core And Multicore


Flexible Cables Single Core And Multicore
Approx. Rs 250 / Meter
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These round flexible cables are PVC insulated and sheathed multi-core cables. These are manufactured keeping in mind the severe, tough and difficult conditions in which they have to operate. The tough outer PVC jacket protects it from oils, greases, various chemicals and abrasions, thereby giving long life and electrical safety. 

Round flexible cables is a part of our excellent and best quality range of wires and cables. Ultracab is a renowned name from Gujarat, India when it comes to cables and wires. These flexible cables are used in various applications where there is a requirement to give electrical connection to different components whereas to connect electricity points to point. Round flexible cables also serves the purpose where there is a need for multi core flexible cables in giant and mid-sized companies. 

Manufacturing and construction of round flexible cables: 

Bottom of Form


Conductors: The conductors are drawn from bright electrolytic grade copper Conducter of 99.97% Purity annealed and bunched together.

Insulation: Bunched conductors are insulated with specially formulated in PVC compound having high insulation resistance values. The insulation process is carried out on modern high speed extrusion lines with a high degree of accuracy, thus ensuring consistency in performance. 

Sheathing: In case of multi core cables, the insulated cores are laid up to form the core assembly. Sheathing is provided with specially formulated PVC compound to facilitate stripping as also to with stand mechanical abrasion while in use.

Quality Control: You are assured of the highest quality standards in every aspect of Ultracab product. Stringent quality control tests are at every stage from raw material to finished good stage so as to give you the best product, meeting relevant quality standards.
Ultracab PVC insulated industrial wires and cables are manufactured as per IS 694:1990.

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Aerial Bunched Cables


Aerial Bunched Cables
Approx. Rs 200 / Meter
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Aerial Bunched Cables also known as ABC. Ultracab is having manufacturing unit with capacity for the bulk production of top grade quality Aerial Bunched Cables. We keep ourselves update with latest technologies, thus provide unmatched quality insulated Aerial Bunched Cables. A well engineered range of insulated aerial bunched cables is available with us on very economical rates. 

Aerial Bunched Cables (ABC) is a very novel concept for Over Head Power distribution. When compared to the conventional bare conductor over head distribution system. ABC provides higher safety and reliability, lower power losses and ultimate system economy by reducing installation, maintenance and operative cost. This system is ideal for rural distribution and especially attractive for installation in difficult terrains such as hilly areas, forest areas, coastal areas etc. 
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Telephone Cables


Telephone Cables
Approx. Rs 100 / Meter
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Ultracab telephone switch board cable applications is in high rise buildings, offices, factories, hotels, hospitals, residential complexes etc. They generally conform to the ITD specifications G/W1R- 06/02May97 and our specifications are ideally designed to minimize cross talk.

The conductor is made of electrolytic grade, bright annealed bare solid copper conductor of 0.40/ 0.50 mm diameter and is insulated with a special grade polyethylene compound on the latest state-of-the-art extruders. The cores are twisted together with a uniform lay on a special purpose imported machine, according to the color code to form pairs. The pairs are bunched together in such a manner so as to minimize cross talk. The cable is then jacketed with a specially formulated PVC compound with fire retarding properties. A nylon rip cord provides an effective means of slitting the jacket without damaging the insulation. These are ideal because of low attenuation and low cross talk. Available in standard pack of 100 M and 500 M 
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Instrumentation Cables


Instrumentation Cables
Approx. Rs 150 / Meter
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Instrumentation cables in India are used to transmit signals inside instruments having operating capacity between 50 to 10,000 hertz. Some of the highlighting characteristics of our products include impedance, attenuation, and capacitance value may vary as per industry needs and demands.

The major application areas of instrumentation cables are electronic instruments in the industries and utility boards. Further, Instrumentation cables are attached with conductors so that electricity may pass through instruments. They are also covered with PVC insulation layers to protect the instruments from unwanted loss.


Instrumentation Cables

Our instrumentation cables India can be availed at very affordable prices and always manufactured under close supervision of expert team and quality engineers. The cable products are well tested by team before it is delivered to clients for final use. The products have to pass through several quality checks to get the final approval.

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Elevator Cables


Elevator Cables
Approx. Rs 50 / Meter
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Ultracab is one of the most popular Elevator Cables Manufacturers in India offer supreme range of products after continuous research and efforts. Some of the highlighting features of our products include cost effectiveness, remarkable performance, strength, and rugged construction that make our products highly popular in market.

Our elevator cables are coated with non conductive glaze for added stability and minimum noise features. Being trusted Elevator CablesManufacturers in India, we always use ultra grade raw materials sourced from most trusted vendors in the industry.

Quality Checks

Our elevator travelling cables are always prepared under close supervision of expert team as per international quality guidelines and standards. Each is every product is tested on several quality parameters before making any final delivery to clients. These cables are largely suitable to supply power to micro handling machines like elevators, stacks, or cranes etc.

What are the Features of Elevator Cables?
  • Remarkable performance and strength
  • Easy to use, handle and install
  • Highly insulated and safe in use
  • Affordable and prepared with quality materials only
  • Special PVC material is used to make it suitable for extreme weather conditions
  • Highly Flexible in nature and weather proof properties
  • Available in variable sizes and custom packaging

Why Ultracab Wires?

At Ultracab, our elevator traveling cables are always designed and manufactured as per precise quality dimensions and remarkable finishing standards. We have appointed qualified team of experts to give most innovative and result driven products to our clients. In case of any issue, product is stringently checked on different parameters and modified to make it more suitable for industry needs and application.

Our flat elevator cables are widely utilized for elevator control. They are prepared with PVC compounds for flexible and bouncing effects. Our products are widely demanded in market due to strength, international quality checks, custom sizes etc. TO know more on elevator cables and to get custom solutions for the same, contact our expert team now.

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Welding Cables


Welding Cables
Approx. Rs 400 / Meter
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Ultracab is a leading manufacturer, supplier and exporter for wide range of cables and wires. Rubber cables are one of our specialized areas in manufacturing. Rubber cables include a successful range including varieties of rubber usage. Best quality of rubber is used depending on the application where the cable is going to be used finally. Our range of rubber cables includes following types of material: 

·         Vulcanized rubber from India

·         Rubber that is fire, heat and oil resistant

·         Ethylene Propylene rubbers

·         Poly Chloroprene

·         Chlorosulphonated Polyethylene

·         And Silicon in some cases too


Our trained staff is aware of various applications where rubber cables are used thus depending upon its final usage we use various composition for coming out with supreme quality. 

Application : For the transmission of high currents from the electric welding machine to the welding tool. Suitable for flexible use under rough conditions, on assembly lines and conveyor systems, in machine tool and motor car manufacturing, ship building, for manually and automatically operated line and spot welding machines.

Standards : BS638 Part 4* BS EN 60332-1-2
Conductor : Class 6 extra flexible tinned copper conductors to BS60228. (Class 5 flexible tinned copper for 120mm² and above) 
Separator : PETP (Polyethylene Terephthalate)
Insulation : EPR (Ethylene Propylene Rubber) to BS7655
Sheath : HOFR (Heat and Oil Resistant and Flame Retardant) Sheath to BS7655
Colour : Orange
Voltage Rating : 100V (450V for non-welding applications if suitably protected from mechanical damage)
Temperature Rating : -20°C to +85°C
Minimam Bending Radius : 6 x overall diameter
Note : *Sizes up to and including 185mm² conform to BS 638 Part 4. Sizes above 185mm² are generally to BS638 Part 4.


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Solar Cables

We provide a wide range of Solar cables from 1.5 sqmm to 185 sqmm UV stablized.

Approx. Rs 220 / Meter

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